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Looking for really great personalised gifts for friends? The best kind of gift is the thoughtful kind; the sort that means something to the person you’re giving it to that they’ll love to show off to friends and family. Enter a constellation print - the perfect star gift for a friend.

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A star map gift for friends is not only super easy to create, but it looks great too! Simply enter a special date — perhaps the day you met, or a funny memory or perhaps even went on holiday together — and our constellation map generator will instantly provide a snapshot of the stars on that great day (or night)! Read on for how to customise further - and create a truly great gift anyone would be happy to receive.

The great thing about a star map gift for friends is that it’s so personal. Capturing a snapshot of the stars - as they were - on a special date and time, customised with a heartfelt message (or inside joke, IYKYK) is the perfect way to put a smile on their face. Whether you’re buying for a birthday, to celebrate a big moment or just to cheer them up, a star map is sure to take the starring role of best gift ever! 

After choosing a special date, time and message, don’t forget our customisable options - you can tailor your print to suit their aesthetic, whether they prefer something more simple and monochrome or love a bold statement. We also offer the option to frame your print, so it hangs pride of place.

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Personalised Gifts for Friends

Ready to explore our star map creator? Head over and begin by choosing a size - A4, A3 or A2. Next, choose your design. Our classic print is a beautiful midnight blue, the exact shade of navy velvet as the night sky - a popular choice with many of our customers. Alternatively, try monochromatic white or black, or get colourful with teal, pink or purple ombre.

Don’t forget to add a personalised message to your print - the perfect finishing touch. Whether you choose something sweet and simple, a song lyric, a joke or a quote, you’ve got 100 characters to play with - you can even simply just write their name and yours, if you’re stuck. Whatever you decide, the finished result will be a hallmark of your friendship - and a heartfelt gift they’ll treasure forever. Create a star gift for your friend today.

Creating a Personalised Star Map - How It Works

Our Star Map builder is easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a personalised Star Map in no time.

1 Design & colour

Design & colour MFM

We have a range of Star Map styles and colours to choose from that suits every taste.

2 Personalise

Personalise MFM

Add your own personal message to the Star Map, and choose the date and location of your choice.

3 Delivery

Delivery MFM

We'll deliver your Star Map in a beautiful presentation box, ready to be framed.

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