Star Maps for: Husband

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - or the stars - with a personalised star map gift for a husband who is truly worth his weight in gold. Striking the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and a truly cool design he’d be happy to show off to his mates, a star map is the perfect way to celebrate the man in your life.

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Astronomy Gift for a Hero Husband

So what’s the special occasion? A constellation gift for your husband is a great gift - whether it’s Valentine's Day, his birthday, your wedding anniversary or even your wedding day (congratulations)! No matter the event, our star maps are the ideal gift to commemorate a special day, night or moment and capturing that forever. If you’re in a rush, don’t forget our Premium Next Day Delivery option so it arrives in time for that special day - or choose Standard Delivery if you’ve been organised this year! 

Does your husband have a dream to be an astronaut, or is he a Buzz Lightyear fanatic? Or perhaps he’s a true stalwart of the stars, tracking the trails of constellations across the sky with his telescope. Whatever his passion, choose a star gift - for husbands enchanted by the incredible movements of our galaxy and the universe beyond. 

Alternatively, if you really just want to find a gift that allows for maximum sentimentality and minimum soppiness and/or embarrassment (we’re looking at you, cuddly toys) then a star map gift for your husband is just the ticket. By adding a personalised message, you can add a heartfelt touch, a joke, quote or song lyric - whatever you feel he’ll love best. And when you choose a frame at checkout, his stunning star map will arrive ready to hang - in his office, in your bedroom or anywhere he likes! 

Create a personalised constellation gift for your husband

Husband: Personalised Gifts

Does your husband like cool and colourful art? Or perhaps he’s more of the minimalistic type? Indulge your creative side with our different designs. Choose from black, white, navy, teal, pink or purple - or even our more intriguing moon phase or ombre designs. Designing a personalised gift for your husband has never been easier!

Ready to begin with our star map creator? It’s so easy. Simply choose a size - A4, A3 or A2. Then select a design - there’s plenty to choose from. Next up, input a favourite location that means a lot to you both as a couple or perhaps somewhere he holds particularly dear (sports grounds included!). Lastly, input the special date (perhaps his birthday, your anniversary or another celebratory milestone) and a message from you to him. Now your print is ready to go! Don’t forget our framed options, which take the hassle out of gift giving and make hanging his new print a cinch.

Creating a Personalised Star Map - How It Works

Our Star Map builder is easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a personalised Star Map in no time.

1 Design & colour

Design & colour MFM

We have a range of Star Map styles and colours to choose from that suits every taste.

2 Personalise

Personalise MFM

Add your own personal message to the Star Map, and choose the date and location of your choice.

3 Delivery

Delivery MFM

We'll deliver your Star Map in a beautiful presentation box, ready to be framed.

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