Star Maps for: Girlfriend

Need a truly great personalised gift for your girlfriend? Maps for Moments have you covered! Striking the perfect balance between heartfelt, cool AND unique, a star map for your girlfriend is a great gift to open. Personalise with her birthday, your anniversary or customise to a special date. Create a star map gift for your girlfriend today!

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Astronomy Gift for a Gorgeous Girlfriend

Does your girlfriend hanker after a sentimental gift to set her heart alight? Tune into her favourite things - perhaps she’s a keen adventurer who loves nothing more than camping under the stars. Or perhaps she loves all things astronomy - learning constellations and looking for shooting stars across the night sky. Or is she totally into horoscopes and knew your sun, moon and rising before she knew your last name?

Whatever her interests, a Maps for Moments star map is a great gift to create for her - or to customise together. If you’re sure of her tastes, get creating yourself! If she errs on the pickier side, sit her down to choose a colour combination and design she’ll love. Then simply personalise with a message straight from the heart, or even a song lyric from her favourite song.

Create a personalised star map gift for your girlfriend

Personalised Gifts for your Girlfriend

A star gift for your girlfriend from Maps for Moments is a unique and special way to show you care. All you need to do is type in your special date and your map will appear, ready for you to customise. Each map replicates the night sky as it was on a special date - perhaps when you met, your girlfriend’s birthday or a significant time in your lives. All that’s left to do is choose a colour and design. You can even choose a frame - that way your gift is ready to hang on the wall.

Creating a Personalised Star Map - How It Works

Our Star Map builder is easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a personalised Star Map in no time.

1 Design & colour

Design & colour MFM

We have a range of Star Map styles and colours to choose from that suits every taste.

2 Personalise

Personalise MFM

Add your own personal message to the Star Map, and choose the date and location of your choice.

3 Delivery

Delivery MFM

We'll deliver your Star Map in a beautiful presentation box, ready to be framed.

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