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Not all grandchildren are born great - some come to greatness later in life and some come to greatness through the generous act of gift-giving the best present for grandads there is. Behold the ultimate grandad gift - a personalised star map gift for your grandad, the ultimate way to show your love, care and affection for the greatest grandfather in the world.

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Astronomy Gift for a Great Grandad

A star map gift for your grandad is a beautiful map of the stars on a significant date and place, capturing the night sky just as it was. Perhaps this was the night your grandad was born, or the day he became a grandad. Or maybe it celebrates a significant and special milestone for your grandfather - perhaps a big win for his sports team, or he finally realised a long-held retirement dream. Whatever it is and wherever it was, he’ll love your efforts to capture and commemorate a special moment in his life.

Does your grandad love all things space-related? Is he a keen astronomer, known for his study of the night skies? Perhaps he’s always the first to know of any meteor showers or comet sightings - and always knows the phases of the moon and how to distinguish planets from stars. If that sounds just like your grandfather, then this is a constellation gift for grandads that won’t disappoint. Our personalised star maps not only capture the night sky - they also include a personalised message, so you can write a simple heartfelt note from you to him telling him how much you care.

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Grandad: Personalised Gifts

We’re here to make finding a personalised gift for your grandad as easy as possible. Introducing our star map creator - here’s how it works. Start by choosing a size for your print - A4 (a good size for desks and tables) A3 (great for walls) or A2 (for statement artwork). Next, choose a design - traditional grandads will love the navy and teal colourways, while modern sorts may prefer the ombre options. Next, choose a special place and date, type your thoughtful and bespoke message (100 character limit - save poetry for the card!) and voila! Your print is ready to check out.

Need your gift in a hurry? Choose our Premium Next Day delivery service to ensure his special gift arrives in time. We recommend choosing a frame too, so your gift is ready to wrap, gift and hang in pride of place.

Creating a Personalised Star Map - How It Works

Our Star Map builder is easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a personalised Star Map in no time.

1 Design & colour

Design & colour MFM

We have a range of Star Map styles and colours to choose from that suits every taste.

2 Personalise

Personalise MFM

Add your own personal message to the Star Map, and choose the date and location of your choice.

3 Delivery

Delivery MFM

We'll deliver your Star Map in a beautiful presentation box, ready to be framed.

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