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Are you on the lookout for a stand out personalised gift for your wife? Look no further than our stunning constellation prints - the perfect star gift for your wife. A delightful and truly one-of-a-kind present destined to be cherished for years to come.

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Astronomy Gift for a Wonderful Wife

A special star map gift for your wife works by taking a momentous date — perhaps the day you met, got engaged or married, or even an anniversary — commemorating the night or day two became one! Give the gift of a star map today, a heartfelt token that captures the magic of your shared moments forever.

Take your wife’s admiration for the heavens to new heights with an exquisite framed star map — a stunning constellation gift for your wife that goes beyond the galaxy. Our personalised star maps unveils intricate constellations across the night sky, just as they were during a significant moment in her life.

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Wife: Personalised Gifts

Delve into the range of options a Maps for Moments star map gift offers, with an assortment of styles, colours, and frames which will suit even the most discerning of recipients. Recognising the refined tastes of wives everywhere, you could also sit and choose the colour and frame together to ensure your gift seamlessly works with her taste. Might just be the easy way out…!

Why not add a personalised message? This exquisitely crafted and personalised gift for your wife is sure to score maximum brownie points and add serious panache to any gallery wall. Unleash your creative spirit and transform a unique constellation of stars into a stunning piece of art that any wife would proudly display. The ultimate personalised gift for wives everywhere!

Creating a Personalised Star Map - How It Works

Our Star Map builder is easy to use. Follow our step-by-step guide to create a personalised Star Map in no time.

1 Design & colour

Design & colour MFM

We have a range of Star Map styles and colours to choose from that suits every taste.

2 Personalise

Personalise MFM

Add your own personal message to the Star Map, and choose the date and location of your choice.

3 Delivery

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We'll deliver your Star Map in a beautiful presentation box, ready to be framed.

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