What is the Zodiac Sign for April?

What is the Zodiac Sign for April?


There’s hardly a person who won’t at least sneak a peek at their horoscope when it comes delivered with their weekly or monthly newspaper or magazine.

Whether astrology is something they actively practice or not, they can’t help but to feel a spark of curiosity – there’s something so mysterious and esoteric about the idea of the stars playing a role in our natural make up.

We are all continuously building our self-awareness and the stars have guided us in this exploration of ourselves for centuries. Just as humans and the animal kingdom are affected by the full moon, we are also affected by planetary movements and energies.

Why wouldn’t we be interested to learn more about such an ancient, universal and natural tool for self-discovery? There’s so much to know!

If your birthday happens to fall in April, today’s your lucky day – here’s a brief introduction into your birth month’s zodiac signs. Just another incentive for you to take your knowledge of astrology beyond the pages of your weekly reads.

Aries: March 21st – April 20th

Ever wonder why your friend always seems to be looking for an argument they refuse to back down from? Then there’s a strong possibility you’re dealing with an Aries – the first and most stubborn zodiac sign.

Represented by the ram, Aries always have their horns at the ready to bump heads with whoever challenges their opinions or personality. They’re ambitious and selfish in that, they will fight relentlessly for what they want, even at the cost of others.

They’re social creatures too, and love spending time with their mob. They’re the first to take initiative and come up with a killer plan and they are more than happy to take leadership on an expedition or task. They also have a tendency to take over, much to the annoyance of others.

Aries are incredibly impulsive – they can hardly keep up with the many thoughts that race through their minds, causing them to much rather do as opposed to think, especially if it involves something fun and adventurous.

While an Aries can get you in a lot of trouble for precisely that reason, you’ll usually look back on these moments of spontaneous mischief with great fondness. People born under this sign will always show you a good time, and they’ll be the light of the party as they do so.

It can get annoying when you’re out with a friend who’s constantly ramming you out of the spotlight. Trust it doesn’t come from a place of malice though, Aries just tend to get swept away in the moment.

This makes them incredibly chatty, upbeat and optimistic people on their good days, and short-tempered, irritable and extremely hard-headed rams on their bad days.

Taurus: April 20th – May 21st

Ever watch someone become deeply entranced by good music, delicious food and a beautiful setting – eyes closed, a smile on their face, almost as if they were falling in love with the moment?

That could easily have been a Taurus, the zodiac sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. The best way to speak to Taureans is through the senses. They’re all about leisurely brunches, colourful sunsets, great tunes and back massages – all the good things in life.

They don’t take their luxuries for granted, however. They work hard to maintain their lifestyles and usually find and stick to professions that satisfy them. Taureans know what they want and work towards their goals with steadfast ambition and focus.

People born under this sign are not interested in short-lived affairs – in all areas of life. They prefer long-term relationships and usually maintain a circle of high school friends. They’re meticulous and consistent and have no time for flakiness.

Taureans are usually easy-going people but when they do have their moments of seeing red, it turns into a melodramatic to-do. They’re not the best at expressing their emotions so it trends to just come out in a tsunami of misguided anger.

These frustrations can often be brought on by Taureans’ jealous tendencies and a lack of independence. While they are deeply committed and devoted in relationships, they can become clingy and overly dependent.

Their need to be doted on and pampered with the little and big luxuries in life can become a bit overwhelming at times, especially within the realms of a romantic relationship.

Trust, however, that Taureans will return the favour. You’ll never feel quite as adored as you will in the presence of a Taurus, who will do everything to create an aesthetic, comfortable home for you.

It’s not always easy to connect with Taureans at first – they are cautious and fiercely loyal. Once you manage to gain a Taurean’s trust though, you can count on them staying in your life forever.

Here at Maps for Moments, we hope that you can now demonstrate your knowledge of your friends’ personalities by lovingly giving them personalised birthday gifts that perfectly match their Zodiac signs!

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