What is the Zodiac Sign for September?

As soon as we begin to deepen our knowledge surrounding the different zodiac signs and their individual characteristics, we start to notice certain patterns.

For example, signs that rule over the spring and summer months tend to be quite expressive and impulsive, whereas those ruling the autumn and winter months, are prone to be more introvert and analytical.

Perhaps it helps to think of this phenomenon in terms of animals. Swans, which are typically born in spring, are temperamental, often aggressive and fiercely loyal.

They gracefully glide through the waters and seem to follow the carpe diem school of philosophy. Badgers, who are typically born in winter, on the other hand, are confident and tenacious, but are typically homebodies who always think ahead.

These rooted characteristics have as much to do with their respective zodiac signs as it does with the climate they are born into. Spring and summer are warm and carefree seasons during which there is an abundance of food and possibilities.

The autumn and winter seasons are cold and drab, they requires careful planning and encourage cosiness rather than action. Hence, these factors, along with the planetary positions throughout each month and season, play a big part in our personalities.

Let’s look at the two zodiac signs that rule during the transitional phase between later summer and early autumn – the Virgo and the Libra – and see how the above-mentioned factors influence their personality traits.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Virgos – born between mid-August and mid-September – are like squirrels: forever active and often frenzied, particularly mentally, due to their inability to live in the moment and simply switch off their overwhelming brainpower.

Like the squirrel, who spends the best part of the year preparing and stocking up for winter, a Virgo’s brain is usually focused on the future. They are forever making to-do lists and hopscotching between two sides of greener grass.

Virgos are often misunderstood because they are always looking for improvement – in their lives, professions, appearances and, the people around them.

This can cause for a lot of friction seeing as people don’t take kindly to criticism – which is what a Virgo’s need for continuous betterment is often perceived as. This can make Virgos feel very lonely at times because, really, what they crave the most, is unconditional love.

Due to their hard-working, ambitious and analytic nature, however, they find it difficult to find partners who are strong enough to take them on. They need and crave partners with the strength and tools to break down their walls and expose their vulnerable hearts.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Libra’s bring the Virgo’s perfectionism to a whole other level: one of fairness and equality. While they thrive for perfection, they aim to find equilibrium in every area of their lives and will therefore do their best to offer you a balanced relationship, too.

They appreciate that not everyone is as idealistic as them and know that their inexhaustive energy and need for order can be exhausting for others. Libra’s will always try to ensure that everyone gets the best out of any given situation, making them perfect leaders too.

One of Libra’s spirit animals is the grey wolf – always hungry for the good things in life and not afraid to dedicate many hours to the hunt. They like to travel in packs and aren’t good at being alone, most likely because they are prone to overthinking and getting stuck in a loop.

Represented by the scale, Libras like to weigh their options thoroughly, which can often cause them to be indecisive – especially when their pros and cons lists end up on a tie.

While Libras are known to be very responsible, they’ll often end up choosing the path of indulgence as they are drawn to all things beautiful, delicious and fun.

This also makes them incredibly jealous beings. Rock up at a party wearing a cuter outfit than them and a Libra’s eyes will be shooting daggers at you all night. Libras are quick to get stuck on an immature sense of competition.

They’ll also be the first to call someone out for an unfair game, so you can never go wrong with having a Libra on your team on sport’s day or during lengthy and heated discussions.

The Virgos & Libras in Your Life

If you’re lucky enough to have Virgos and Libras in your life, you will always have someone to turn to when you find yourself in a real pickle. So why not show your gratitude to them and this trait with personalised birthday gifts displaying their Zodiac sign?

While Virgos will put their analytical minds to work and go on problem-solving mode, the Libra will then weigh up all the options and help you decide on the best possible solution that is fair to all.

Don’t let their strive for perfection intimidate you as they will always try and lead you towards the best possible outcomes.

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