What is the Zodiac Sign for July?

What is the Zodiac Sign for July?

Ever wonder why your partner has such a difficult time expressing their emotions? Why they’d much rather cuddle up in a living room designed to meet their most basic need – namely, harmony and a sense of security – rather than going out and hitting the clubs?

Or you might wonder about your friends’ strangely vulnerable pride and their tendency to chase the warmth and idling effects of the sun like a cat – or any other member of the feline species. A lion perhaps?

Getting to know the zodiac signs of the people closest to you will bring you closer to understanding their cosmic beings – their strengths and weaknesses, the planets they are most connected to and how it affects them.

Those of you already familiar with the concept of astrology may have recognized the two examples above to describe common characteristics for July’s zodiac signs, Cancer and Leo.

There are many other traits associated with Cancerians and Leos, which we will look at in detail below.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

Cancerians are represented by the crab, which makes a lot of sense once you come to know their personalities. Like crabs, they like to retreat into their own digs – and not just when they’re wronged.

They are homebodies by nature, who find peace and tranquility in beautifying DIY and gardening projects. Which doesn’t mean to say Cancerians are your classic hermits, because they do actually like to share their space, especially with the people they love.

Family and close friends are extremely important to Cancerians, and they will do anything to ensure their safety and wellbeing. It pains them to see those closest to them suffering. They are highly empathic which, at times, can weigh heavily on their sensitive natures.

Once you’ve experienced a Cancerian up close, you’ll notice that their moods seem to change with the lunar cycles. That’s because they’re ruled by the moon and are emotionally affected by its alternating energies.

Their fleeting highs and lows can be unpredictable, and their moodiness quite intense. They can cling on to resentment as tightly as to the people they love – often both at the same time – and this is often rooted in their insecurities and overwhelming emotional intuition.

No one treasures cosy family moments and sentimental keepsakes quite like a Cancerian. They are the type of people who will keep a napkin from their first date with their spouse for decades, preserving it with special care.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Represented by the lion, Leos often carry themselves with the same majestic pride. They feel comfortable within themselves and within the role of a leader, and they certainly won’t object to others recognizing if not praising these attributes.

Leos are fixed signs belonging to the element of fire. This explains their strong connection to the sun, which happens to be this zodiac signs’ ruler. They are drawn to warm climates and the laid-back way of life, like a lion lazily ruling from the sunniest spot on the cliff.

They are curious people with a natural gift for storytelling and problem-solving and will gladly soak up the limelight while doing so. Though they exude confidence, they can be susceptible to other people’s opinions and strive for status, which can make them extremely vulnerable.

You’re always bound to have a good laugh with a Leo, as they have a great, mischievous sense of humour. Just don’t make the mistake of making a joke at their expense.

They’re not particularly good at laughing at themselves for fear of jeopardizing the integrity of their confident stride. It’s one of the many dualities that make Leos so loveable.

They have no problem communicating what they want – namely independence, comfort and security in their home-life and personal relationships – but they’re not always able to intuit the emotional needs of others.

Leos are extremely self-aware and continuously building on their skills and knowledge, though they find it difficult to self-express. This is mainly due to their perfectionistic tendencies and a fear of not being seen the way they’d like to be seen.

Cancerians & Leos in Relationships

If you happen to find yourself in a relationship with a Cancerian or a Leo, you’ve lucked out. They may be complicated and difficult to figure out at times, but they more than make up for it with their ability to build and create loving, nurturing relationships and home environments.

Both Cancerians and Leos are loyal and warm-hearted beings; while one will build you a dream home full of family heirlooms future generations will come to enjoy, the other will make you king or queen of their urban jungle and love you the way only a lionheart can.

Treat them with kindness, sensitivity and most importantly, respect, and you could find yourself in a relationship built to last for a life time. So, why not invest in personalised birthday gifts from Maps for Moments to show them your love for both them as a whole and their Zodiac traits?

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