What is the Zodiac Sign for August?

Each zodiac sign is represented by and associated with a specific symbol or image. You may know them from the weekly horoscope in the newspaper or intricate tattoo designs which have become popular fashion.

Studying these symbols and how they represent each respective zodiac sign is a fun task, as they all prove to be highly accurate in relationship to the individual personality traits associated with each sign.

Let’s take the zodiac signs for August, for example, Leo and Virgo. The Leo is represented by the lion, the king of the jungle, a masculine energy. The Virgo, on the other hand, is embodied by a maiden, a goddess, a feminine energy.

How do these symbols match the characteristics of people born under the sign of Leo or Virgo? Let’s break it down.

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

What is the first thing that comes to mind whenever you watch the lion segment of BBC’s Planet Earth series? How would you describe them after having been granted insight into the way they move and behave in the wild?

They move with a calm and royal grace, self-aware and self-assured in their actions and instincts. They are left undeterred by drama and prefer to laze in the sun while others go about their business, but step in bravely when things get out of hand.

And this is exactly why Leos are represented by the lion. Watch them move in their packs and you’ll find that they’re always the ones to take on the leader role.

They’ll be the ones to choose what to dine on when others struggle to make a decision, the ones to formulate a detailed plan of attack when others lack the confidence to think creatively.

They won’t stick around for your whining about the small stuff, but they’ll be at your side for the big things and will be the first to defend your territory – and their own.

Leos are extremely protective of their families and homes. Their casa es tu casa as long as you show respect; the minute you start disrespecting a lion, especially in his own cave, your best bet is to start legging it.

Because as much as Leos like to roam free and wild, they truly value a safe and comforting home environment where they can come to rest after a long day of providing for the family – which they see as an honour and matter of pride.

And while they are loyal creatures, they will never cease to crave praise and admiration from those around them. The best way to keep a lion(ess) purring, is by keeping them groomed and the compliments coming.

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

Imagine a goddess booked a weekend trip to Earth and spent a day observing and interacting with people and society as we know it. A goddess who practices and seeks innocence and purity, perfection. What would she make of this world?

She would likely feel disappointed by our general lack of attention to the details, the fine print, the many imperfections and obvious yet unexplored solutions. She would remain in a constant state of analysis, in problem-solving mode, throughout the duration of her stay.

In many ways, this is what Virgo’s tend to feel like, hence this sign has earned the nickname, “the Disappointed Goddess”. It’s not that they’re unable to appreciate all the things that are good in this world and this life, they just get stuck on all the things that could be better.

This doesn’t mean to say they are forever looking down on us, on the contrary – they are looking out for us. It can almost be described as a maternal instinct, a sense of responsibility to this world, themselves and everyone else to do better.

Virgos can often be perceived as materialistic and eternally dissatisfied, because of their constant need to fix and improve what they see as flaws – be it a living situation or somebody else’s personal life. Though it comes from a good place, it often makes others feel criticized.

They need consistent reassurance and frequent expressions of love and respect as they are prone to feel unworthy on various levels and alienated by those who don’t place the same importance on perfection.

The Lion & The Goddess

As you can see, the zodiac signs’ symbolic representatives make perfect sense with their personal traits – the proud and warm-hearted Leo, the distant and pure goddess. Each of these personalities are therefore suited to their own unique personalised birthday gifts.

They both have the tendency to come across as arrogant but it’s only because they float on another level of self-awareness and an innate kind of worldliness not everyone can tap into or justify.

Once you truly get to know a Leo or a Virgo, however, you’ll come to recognize that, more often than not, their goal is to bring out the very best in themselves and others.

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