Corona Virus Face Masks and Star Maps

25th March 2020

Scientific innovations and discovery have advanced the development of personal protective equipment enabling exploration on earth and in space. Protective head gear, face masks and suits allow man to travel beyond earth’s atmosphere in a quest to explore the unknown universe.

Protection from the unknown in space has led to innovations in personal protective face masks on earth. The center of our universe, this third rock from the sun, is filled with mysteries and unknowns. After centuries of discovery, earth continues to reveal new mysteries. The principles of filtering air used in space exploration led to the development of personal face masks in the new era of the novel coronavirus.

Combining biological knowledge, practical medicine and space innovations, a selection of Coronavirus Face Masks has been created to guard against breathing the unknown in the air. These tightly woven, reusable, washable face masks offer easy breathing with innovative filtration applications.

he New Era of Personal Protection Face Masks

In a time of trepidation caused by an unknown microscopic pathogen, infectious disease protocols call for self-isolation, quarantine and social distancing as a best practices defense for everyone. Those that perform jobs that are essential to maintaining civilized societies do so with apprehension and anxiety. The reusable Coronavirus Face Mask can add a level of comfort and protection for them as well as those that need to venture out to supply essential goods to maintain their isolation.

This modern pandemic is an unprecedented time which calls for extraordinary precautions and a new wave in fashion accessories. The extra layer of protection offered by the reusable, washable face masks with a variety of options are the newest accessory of the era.

These Coronavirus Face Masks come in a variety of options, they are all reusable, washable and ready to ease your anxiety and apprehension when you must venture outside of isolation. The Coronavirus Face Masks options include:

  • Quantum Face Mask Q-RES© - designed with protective filtration that filters the air before inhalation, it has a stretchy fit, is reusable and washable.
  • Quantum Face Mask Q-PLUS© - designed with an ultra-fine filter and a valve for smoother breathing. It also offers a snug fit for those that wear glasses along with an anti-condensation capability. This personal protective reusable, washable corona virus mask comes in two colors.
  • Quantum Face Mask PRO-TEK© - designed with a dual ultra-filter for smooth inhalation along with a double valve for easier breaths. Perfect for use during jogging, biking, skating and other non-contact workouts. It features a demists for those that wear glasses as well as Velcro straps for a secure fit during activities.

As the earth turns its inhabitants are constantly expanding their knowledge of the universe through discovery while meeting and conquering new challenges. Winter coats, boots, scarves, gloves and other fashion innovations were all developed to confront various environmental obstacles, the reusable face mask now joins that lineup of essential fashion items.

Isolation, Quarantine and The Wonders of the Stars

When not performing essential jobs or errands, the Age of Coronavirus presents a unique challenge in the modern age of isolation and quarantine. Although they are necessary, recommended and adhering to best scientific and medical research and practices, it is not easy for societies that are addicted to being on the go.

Throughout history, isolation has led to many inventions and discoveries. Some of the most important scientific breakthroughs and discoveries were by individuals who were isolated from society. The human mind mimics the universe, it is infinitely explorable.

Life in isolation offers new opportunities. It is the perfect time for exploring new hobbies along with reigniting and pursuing interests that have been stifled by the always on the go lifestyle of the 21st century. When looking inward at the universe of your mind, the night sky with an always wonderous vista is a great stress reliver. Long before the age of coronavirus isolation, thousands of sky gazers look to the stars for excitement, discovery and peace of mind.

Stay Isolated while Exploring the Universe with A Personalized Star Map

Astronomy enthusiasts can order a unique guide to the night skies with a Personalized Star Map. These precision printed star maps utilizing the sciences of math, astronomy and computer precision create a personalized map that depicts your night sky based on your chosen date and location.

The new Personalized Star Map Poster is a precision printed guide to the stars. Using an algorithm that includes two-million-star location data points, your Personalized Star Map depicts the exact constellations and stars visible to you at your location. Guaranteed to relive the stress, anxiety and boredom of isolation. The era of isolation offers the perfect time to discover a peaceful exciting new hobby, the night skies of the universe.